Poke In Face For Robbie's Card Site

Robbie Williams Poker

A new offer from the multi-entertainer Robbie Williams to his fans is triggering harsh criticism. The singer has opened up a poker site and is blamed for tempting weak souls into gambling addiction. According to the British MP Tessa Munt Williams Robbie Williams ought to know better and to stay far away from that kind of stuff. Robbie Williams has struggled with addiction for many years which is not secret. 

Commenting The Offer From Robbie Williams

"I am absolutely outraged by this. I think it is deplorable. Robbie Williams of all people should be sensitive to the problem of addiction.". She continues, "I don't believe there is anything harmless about gambling in this way. The problem is escalation, and he must know what this is like.

Tessa Munt points out that the site seems to be particularly aimed at youth, and she believes that young people are evidentially more in danger of being led astray:

"Young people are extremely receptive to poker promotions, casino bonuses etc. like this, and I am completely opposed to it. The site is directly targeted at his fans, and among them we have a new generation of children," concludes the British liberal-democrat. 

Robbie Williams Poker Site

The former Take That star supposedly sent out emails to thousands of fans with the invitation to try their luck at Robbie Williams Poker. For the time being, it looks as if the site is only available in a beta-version, but visiting the site you can read that you – at some point – should be able to play free fun poker games & tournaments.

Furthermore it is mentioned that Robbie Williams FunPoker is the new home for free fun poker – a place where poker players and Robbie Williams fans play each other to score great prizes and create the craziest avatars! No downloads seem to be necessary to enjoy this online poker offer for both pros and beginners.

There is no money at stake in the free online poker tournaments and apparently it is not a gambling offer, i.e. it is only fun money. You can only compete about and win merchandise, concert tickets and the like. Players must be 18 years or older, but there is no requirements for proof hereof. It will be exciting to see the development of the site, and perhaps we will see the addition of casino games like blackjack or perhaps something completely different.

So get your poker face on and perfect your Holdem Poker skills.

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