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Very simply stated a “no deposit casino” is one in which players do not have to make a deposit before wagering. However beyond this the term “no deposit casino” is applied to very different kinds of online casinos. It is most commonly used for online casinos that do not require players to make a deposit before availing of the welcome bonus. This and other types of no deposit casinos are explained in detail in this article.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

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No Deposit Welcome Bonus

Online casinos that offer players a no deposit welcome bonus are referred to as no deposit casinos. Many online casinos offer players a small bonus up front, without the player having to make a deposit. This bonus can be used for wagering on all the online casino games offered. After the wagering requirements are completed the bonus is withdrawn by the online casino. However, the player is allowed to retain his winnings. These winnings can be used to wager further. This time there are no wagering requirements because the winnings are treated as the player’s own funds. This way starting from the no deposit bonus the player can build a bankroll without having to make any deposit at the no deposit casino.

It needs to be pointed out that some no deposit casinos require the player to make a small deposit should he want to withdraw his winnings.

No Deposit Free Play Bonus

Some no deposit casinos offer the no deposit bonus in another manner. They allow the player to make a certain number of free spins on specified online casino games. The player is usually given a fixed time frame in which to make these free spins. Assume that the free spins are worth $500. If at the end of the free spins the player has a balance of greater than $500 he is allowed to keep that excess. The excess amount is transferred into his casino account. Most online casinos do not allow players to keep the entire excess amount. They deduct a small fee of about $20 and also have a limit on the excess amount. But the important issue is that the players can use this excess amount for wagering in the normal manner. If they keep on winning then they may never have to make a deposit at the online casino. It is for this reason that online casinos making such offers are referred to as no deposit casinos.

In the case of free play bonus and the no deposit bonus, if the players at any time lose all their winnings, or in the worst case to not make any, then they will have to make deposits to play further.

Freeroll Online Tournaments

Another manner in which players can wager without making deposits at online casinos is through participation in freeroll online tournaments. Freeroll online tournaments are those in which players to not have to pay any entry fee to participate but can win a share of the prize pool. In some online casinos the share of the prize pool is treated as a bonus and players have to meet wagering requirements and ultimately get to keep only the winnings. In other online casinos the share of the prize pool is treated as the player’s funds. In either case the player can start a bankroll by participating in freeroll online tournaments. He can use his winnings from the tournaments to wager on online casino games in the normal manner. The advantage of freeroll online tournaments is that if the player loses his winnings he can always participate in other freeroll online tournaments and start all over again.

Free Play Casinos

Free play casinos are no deposit casinos in the truest sense of the term, but ironically they are rarely referred to as no deposit casinos. While registering at a free play casino a starting balance of play money is provided by the casino to the player. If the player happens to lose the entire amount he can always visit the cashier section of the casino and replenish the amount. In this manner he can continue wagering for ever at the free play casino without having to make a deposit. However, there is a very big flip side to this. The player can never withdraw any amount from the casino because he is wagering with play money and not real money. He can only wager for enjoyment.

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