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Players should play at online casinos for enjoyment, whether they are playing with play money or with real money. Playing at casinos should not be for generating regular income or even for funding one time expensed like holidays or a new car.

Play Money Casino

Play money casinos allow players to wager with play money. When players register at these casinos they are given a balance of play money. They can wager on all the online casino games using the play money. However they are not allowed to play progressive jackpot games and participate in online tournaments. As in real money casinos, the players' balances increase when they register a win and decrease when they lose the wager. If the players' entire bankrolls are wiped out they can go to the cashier section and get a reload of the play money.

Even if players are playing with play money they need to exercise discipline in their wagering. Money is not the only resource spent at online casinos. Time is also a valuable resource. Spending long times playing for free and neglecting work and family is as bad. Also players at some point of time move away from playing for free and start playing with real money. If they have not been disciplined when wagering with play money it is likely that they will carry their bad habits to real money casinos.

Real Money Casino

Players at real money casinos need to be disciplined when managing their bankrolls. They should set aside weekly amounts for wagering based on their income and expenses and should not go beyond these limits. If they lose the amount, they should consider it in the same way as they consider paying for a meal at a posh restaurant or paying for the best seats at a ball game. The amount lost is the price paid for having a good time.

If players win at real money casinos they should not add their winnings to their bankroll and increase their wagering at the online casino. Rather they should withdraw the winnings and maybe splurge outside the casino or better still save the money for some future need.

Casinos offer several facilities to ensure that their players remain focused on the enjoyment aspect of playing and do not fall into the trap of problem gambling. These facilities include self-assessment tests which players should take regularly. These tests indicate whether the player is wagering in a manner that is not advisable.

Online Casino Games

Online casino games are the main offering at casinos, whether for play money or for real money. Online slots are the most popular games at online casinos. About 70% of the games offered would be slot games. Some of the slot games are the classic 3-reel games that resemble the old slot machines in land casinos. However, the 5-reel video slot games are the most popular. They have excellent audiovisual effects and many bonus features that make playing at online casinos great fun. Also popular are the progressive jackpot online slot games in which the jackpot amount keeps rising till someone hits it.

The more serious players prefer table games that are popular in land casinos. These include games like roulette, craps, blackjack and baccarat. Online casinos offer the standard versions of these games as well as modified versions with innovations that add excitement to the wagering. Other popular games at online casinos are casino poker games and video poker games. These are based on poker hand rankings.

Online Tournaments

Many casinos offer online tournaments for its players. The advantage of online tournaments is that players can compete against each other and this adds to the excitement. Some online tournaments offer guaranteed prizes to the winners. In other online tournaments the collected pot is shared by those who score the highest. Some online casinos are more known for their tournaments than the casino games. These casinos announce the tournament schedules well in advance so that players can adjust their wagering times accordingly.


In order to provide more enjoyment and attractions online casinos offer promotions on a regular basis. These promotions can take various forms. Mostly they are in the form mega tournaments in which winners get fantastic prizes like exotic holidays. Other promotions are of the lucky draw type in which players meeting the eligibility requirements get tickets for a lucky draw.

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