In land-based casinos that run their casinos along more traditional lines will have their baccarat tables in a separate space in the casino called the Baccarat Pit.

The Aim of Baccarat

Players place bets on whether the player hand or the banker hand will be the hand that will hold a card value that reaches the closest to 9.

Baccarat Table Layout

The baccarat table has a fairly simple layout, which makes it easy for new baccarat players to understand. The table is oblong, with place for players around each end. The baccarat table is symmetrical with space for half the players on each end of the table. The baccarat caller stands in the middle of one side of the table, while two baccarat dealers are opposite the caller. Each dealer deals with the betting on their half of the baccarat table.

The numbers 1 - 15 that are around the edge of the table mark out where each player should sit. Although the numbers go up to 15, only 14 players can play in the game at one time, since there are only 14 seats around the table - 7 seats on each end. The number that is missing is the number 13, which is considered to be an unlucky number. This way, no player will ever have to choose to play from the number 13 position. The seat numbers simply count 11,12, 14, and then 15. Some baccarat tables are designed for only 12 players.

In front of the two dealers, there are small boxes draw on the table with numbers from 1 - 15 that correspond with the player seats around the table. There are commission fees that will need to be paid when the bank hand wins. The boxes are there for the dealers to keep track of how much each player owes in commissions.

The next block in from the numbers has players written on it. When placing bets on the player hand, this is the space in which the bettors should place their bets. The next ring in has the word bankers on it. This is where bets on the banker hand are placed. The innermost part of the betting section on the baccarat table is reserved for the tie bet. The players’ seat numbers are written again in this space so that there should be no confusion about where bets should be placed for each player.

There are three other boxes, one is the discard tray, another is the drop box, and the last one is the tips box.

Mini Baccarat Table Layout

The mini baccarat table layout is essentially half of a full baccarat table. All the players, up to 7 players, are placed on one side of the table, and the dealer is opposite the players on the other side of the table. Some mini baccarat tables are designed to seat only 5 players. The mini baccarat table looks more similar to that of a blackjack table as far as its shape is concerned. Mini baccarat has only one dealer/caller for the game. There are places marked out for the player and the banker hands. The shoe and the chip stacks are placed in front of the dealer in a similar way to that of blackjack tables.

Baccarat Callers and Dealers

The baccarat caller, as explained above, is situated at the center of the baccarat table. The caller’s job is to make calls on the hands that are dealt. Players deal the cards themselves, so the dealers/callers keep a close eye on all that takes place around the table. The caller directs the way the game is played around the baccarat table. The two dealers ensure that the betting runs smoothly on each half of the table, each of the two dealers is responsible only for the players on their own side of the table.

Online Baccarat

Because Baccarat in land based casinos is often played in the Baccarat Pit, many newcomers to casinos feel like the game is some kind of an elite and exclusive game, which causes many to keep their distance. Baccarat is, in fact, and easy game to learn and to play, and one does not have to be rich in order to play it. Online casinos have done much to break down these boundaries, and many more people now enjoy the game. Land based and online casino baccarat both have good odds, with a low house edge, making it an ideal game to play!

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