Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a fun dice game that originates from ancient China. This is a simple game that concerns the rolling of three dice, while the main action and drama of the pursuit lies in the different bets that may be placed on the dice roll. Although at one time, Sic Bo was a form of entertainment that was found in gaming houses for Asian games, today it is a more common type of amusement that may be enjoyed at various casinos and online gaming sites. Contrary to its appearance, Sic Bo is an easy game to learn.

History of Sic Bo

The roots of the Sic Bo pursuit lie in ancient China. Some believe that the original version of the game was played with bricks that each had a different number. Bets were placed on these bricks and they were thrown into the air. As these bricks were heavy to be a part of such a game, Sic Bo was then played with dice. It is generally believed that the Sic Bo game was brought into the U.S. by Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century.

Sic Bo Basics

The main idea behind the game of Sic Bo is to place a bet on the player's prediction regarding the outcome of the dice roll. The meaning of the name Sic Bo is 'dice pair'. This game was also known as dice bowl, as in its early form of the game, the dice were kept and rolled in a bowl.

The actual roll of the dice lies purely on chance and the understanding of the Sic Bo game all lies in the betting. A player that gains an insight into the options regarding Sic Bo betting has gone a long way into learning how to play the game. Sic Bo bets may be placed on different combinations or numbers, such as on a pair or on a single number.

The Sic Bo game may often appear to be a bit complex and confusing for newcomers due to its layout with different elements for betting. However, this is a simple game to learn and offers a fun form of entertainment.

Online Sic Bo

Although Sic Bo could traditionally be located in the section of Asian games at a land based casino, today it is quite easy to find this game at an online casino site. Following the success of Internet casinos, it was only a matter of time until all sorts of different games appeared as attractions at online gaming sites. Online Sic Bo is based on the same game that may be found in land based casino locations but has just undergone the necessary adaptations in order to make it into a viable form of online amusement. Certain changes had to be made as an Internet player cannot physically pick up the dice and roll them.

Many players now feel that the online version of Sic Bo can be just as much fun as playing the game at a land based casino. Some people even prefer to play online as in this way they may enjoy all the benefits of Internet gaming, such as the convenience and privacy of playing from home. Gamers may access a fun game of Sic Bo at the simple touch of a few buttons without having to step out of the front door. All that is required is the use of a computer with access to the Internet.

One advantage when playing Internet Sic Bo is that players can use various resources that the online site has to offer. Gamers may also make use of free Sic Bo games available at different sites, allowing them to adjust to the online manner of play, before placing real money on the table. In this way, players may learn all about the game without risking any money.

The Sic Bo pursuit has earned the reputation of being a rather noisy game in a traditional casino setting however, this is also different when playing online. In an online Sic Bo situation the noise levels are completely up to the player. An online player may find this aspect beneficial as any possible feelings of intimidation may be avoided.

The fun game of Sic Bo has become a popular online pursuit and is today available at

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