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In the history of gambling, the concept of online casinos is a relatively new concept. Just 25 years ago nobody would have expected the industry to grow as big as it is today. And it is growing even bigger and bigger. The popularity of online casinos is mainly due to the developers of software for the casinos. The giant leaps in technology have been embraced by the online casino developers who are now amongst the foremost of producers of web software.

Pro Software Developers Versus Proprietary Software

Having said that the online casino industry is blooming and that the software producers keep surpassing each other with stunning features it is almost needless to say that competition is very hard within the trade! Some online casinos even try to compete with the software producers themselves, which is why some - still quite few - online casinos stubbornly keeps trying to develop their own software for their own casino, often with a less positive result. With the pro software developers being absolutely on top of their game most online casinos turn to them to get the best of the best.

But why are these software developers so much better? Well, first of all competition simply keeps them on the forefront of what is happening at any time. If a software developer loses his grip, the online casino will instantly start looking for another provider since the market is yearning only for top notch solutions.

For an online casino, using a reputable software provider can actually be regarded as proff that the casino is fair and trustworthy. So by using software from a wellestablished and respected developer like Playtech or Microgaming might even attract customers to the casino, while using a less known provider or maybe even your own software could show the opposite effect.

Security of Your Money

Last but not least; one of the most important parts of gambling is security when it comes to money matters. The big name casino software developers - through their extensive number of users - gained a certain expertise with money transfers from the online casinos bank system to and from the players around the globe. The  wellknown casino software developers therefore have the advantage of being able to guarantee both account security and confidenciality - and both to the gambler and the casino itself!

The list of renowned and respectable software producers mainly consists of European and American companys, all of them striving to provide the best of the best in online gaming solutions. Some software providers specialize in particular games within the multiple games to play at an ordinary online casino while others offer every game, you can possibly think of.

When playing at any of the big name casino software developers you are sure to experience realistic set ups, fantastic gameplay and an attention to detail that is amazing,  Playing at an online casino can and never will be exactly like playing at a brick and mortar casino - but hey; it is pretty close to!

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