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A free casino is an online casino where players can play the casino games without having to place real money wagers. The casino provides play money which the players can use to place bets in the various games. If they lose then it is the casino money that has been lost. But if they win they cannot withdraw any amount out of the casino.

Casino Play Money

Players do not have to deposit any funds to play at free casinos. The free casino provides the player with play money. In many free casinos when the player registers he is given a starting balance. As in real money casinos this balance always remains in his account and can be used across all games. As the player wagers and loses the amount gets depleted and as the player wagers and wins the amount is increased. When the player logs out the play money balance is maintained. Therefore when the player logs in at the free casino again he can continue with the earlier balance. If the player loses the entire play money balance, he has to access the cashier section of the free casino and can replenish the play money amount. However he can never withdraw the free money out of the free casino.

Some free casinos do not maintain the player’s play money balance. Every time the player accesses a casino game he gets free money to wager on that game. If the player loses the amount or logs out then the balance is lost. When the player logs in again to any casino game he is given a fresh balance to start with.

Advantages of Free Casinos

There are several advantages of playing at free casinos. If a player does not want to gamble but he wants to enjoy the thrill of playing a game of chance he can do so at free casinos. Similarly if a player is not allowed to gamble at online casinos because of legal restrictions in his country, he can nevertheless play at free casinos because these laws apply only to real money wagering. Because players to not have to transfer funds to free casinos the registration processes are much simplified.

The biggest advantage of free casinos is that it allows players to learn the ropes of online casino gambling without having to risk real money. Players can understand how games operate, learn the features offered in the games and above all perfect their game strategy without paying anything. For example new blackjack players are bound to make mistakes at first in their choice of moves. This can result in unnecessarily losing the wager placed. In real money casinos new players would be paying from their pockets. In free casinos players use the casino’s play money. Once players attain a degree of confidence and comfort level at free casinos, they can later start with real money wagering.

Disadvantages of Free Casinos

There are some disadvantages of free casinos that players should be aware of. All features that are available in real money casinos may not be available in free casinos. For example some casino operators do not have features like Auto Play for those playing with casino money. Also games having progressive jackpots are not offered at free casinos. This makes sense because players cannot make any withdrawals at free casinos. Real money casinos usually offer various bonuses and promotions that allow players to get extra benefits. These may be free entry online tournaments or lucky draws. Such benefits are not given to players at free casinos because the players are not using their own money for wagering.

Switching to Real Money

Today most online casinos offered both free money play and real money play with the same software. Therefore the two casinos are not really separate. Players have to select which mode they want to play in at the time of registering. Suppose a player registers to play with play money and later wants to switch to real money. He can easily do so by providing the additional financial details required and transferring funds to his real money account. In such cases most casinos maintain the players free money account separately. Therefore if a real money player wants to switch to free money for any reason whatsoever, all he has to do is click on a button to activate his free money account. Later he can switch back to wagering with real money.

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