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Games of Chance and Skill

Online casino gambling games can be broadly classified into two categories. There are games that involve both skill and chance. Blackjack and video poker are examples of such games. In these games gambling systems can help the player perform at the highest level of skill and therefore the gambling systems can increase the player’s chances of winning. Since chance is involved in these games as well the gambling systems cannot guarantee that the player will win.

The other type of casino games is those that involve only chance and no skill. Though gambling systems have been devised and proposed for such games, the fact is that these systems neither guarantee nor increase the player’s chances of winning.

Blackjack Gambling System

In blackjack players have to decide whether to hit or stand and also take a call on a number of other moves like split, double, insure and surrender. By choosing correctly they can maximize their chances of winning. By choosing incorrectly they can convert potentially winning hands to potentially losing hands. Blackjack gambling system enables the player to make the correct decisions all the time.

The blackjack gambling system is based on the simulation of tens of thousands of blackjack deals on the computer. The two critical components of the blackjack gambling system are the player’s hand value and the dealer’s face up card. The blackjack gambling system is presented in a matrix form in which the various player’s hand values are listed as the rows and the dealer’s face up cards are listed as the columns. The intersecting cell depicts the move that the player must make under the stated conditions. Online blackjack players can conveniently keep printouts of the blackjack gambling system in front of them while wagering. In land casinos players have to memorize the system.

Video Poker Gambling System

In video poker players are dealt five cards upfront. They can discard as many cards from these as they want to and draw fresh ones. The objective is to give them the best chance for receiving as high a payout as possible. The skill lies in deciding which cards to discard.

The video poker gambling system specifies which cards to discard from a given hand. The first principle of the video poker gambling system is never break a hand that is offering a payout in the hope of getting a larger payout. The video poker gambling system lists combinations of cards in descending order. Players must discard cards in such a way that they hold a combination as high in the order as possible.

While employing video poker gambling systems players must bear in mind that there are a number of different video poker variants. Each video poker variant has its unique pay table. This calls for a different video poker gambling system for each variant. Hence players cannot use the same system for all video poker games.

Roulette Gambling System

Roulette is an online casino game that requires no skill and is based only on chance. Therefore no gambling system can increase the chance of winning let alone guaranteeing a win. Yet there have been more gambling systems devised for roulette than for any other game. Each of these systems has some flaw in the reasoning.

The most popular roulette gambling system is the Martingale system. In the Martingale system the player doubles his bet after every loss, so that the first win would recover all previous losses plus win a profit equal to the original bet. This system applies to even money wagers in roulette of which there are three. These are black or red, odd or even and top half or bottom half.

There are several aspects in which the Martingale roulette gambling system fails. This system assumes that a particular outcome, say a red number, cannot be repeated indefinitely. This is a fallacy. In roulette each spin is an independent spin and is not governed by what has happened before. The probability of a red number being called is 50% whether the last 5 numbers have been red or the last 15 numbers have been red. The second problem with the Martingale roulette gambling system is that it theoretically requires an infinite bankroll. Because the wagers are doubled after every loss the amounts grow exponentially. The third problem is that ultimately the player wins only his original stake and this would be much ado about nothing.

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