New Large Study of Online Gambling Habits in Australia!

Having surveyed more than 6500 Australians thus being the largest study of online gambling habits in Australia ever, the conclusion is clear: easy access to online gambling triggers an explosion in Australians having taken up gambling in the past six years. The study was conducted as a self-selected online questionnaire, and in addition it found that internet gamblers participated in five forms of gambling, on average, compared with three forms used by non-web-based gamers. The survey also revealed that many people used the internet in addition to traditional, land-based punting. The main advantages of playing casinos and betting on the internet were convenience, 24-hour availability, greater privacy and anonymity.

The Australian Gambling Markets

It seems obvious that Australia is one of the strongest international markets for online gambling. Not only poker and casino, but also and probably most importantly sports betting, the latter with an estimated $600 million annually turnaround. Between 2004 and 2008, the number of online sports wagering accounts increased by 103 per cent. This seems to be the reason why academics warn the authorities and politicians that online gambling could become a significant public health problem if action is not taken to protect those gamblers that are considered vulnerable gamblers.

The Survey on Australian Gambling

Taking a closer look at the survey, it shows that up to 16 per cent of online gamblers were problem gamblers losing an average of almost $1000 a month. Approximately 50 per cent of problem gamblers told about disrupted sleep and a third said their eating patterns had changed.

The typical Australian gambler was found more likely to be men who worked full-time or were students, were married or lived with a partner and had a higher income than non-internet gamblers. The majority of online gamers used the internet for race wagering and sports betting, followed by casino games and poker. Live betting also seems to be in development as this is seen as something you do while watching sport, as opposed to a separate and adult activity. But also mobile gambling through mobile devices as iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablet computers etc. has developed giving Australians even easier access to their game of choice - be it sports betting, wagering, poker or lottery - at any time of the day.

Some of the problems are that Australian gambler and pokie players find online gambling more addictive than land-based gambling as it is more convenient, adding to this that credit cards and internet transfers are not as tangible as real cash, so people don't really think about how much they are spending.

As you perhaps know  online sports betting is permitted while internet poker and casino games are illegal in Australia. Local web users have, however, ready access to more than 2000 gambling sites based in other countries.

A very interesting survey and study about online gambling in Australia worth to read if you have the time. Luckily most of us can handle gambling as a fun part of our spare time, but if you ever feel addicted you should not hesitate to contact the proper authorities and speak with you family about it.

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