Interesting Studies about Aussie Player Statistics

A couple of new studies on the Australian gambling market provide a whole lot of interesting demographic information that is also interesting for the recreational Australian gambler. Maybe you would like to know how you fit into this revealing studies. We are talking about these two studies:  The Australian Gambling Commision’s (ACC) Survey Data on Gambling Participation and Dr. Sally Gainsbury’s Emerging Trends in Online Sports Betting in Australia. They are both very interesting and recommended reading. Before you get into casino news reading mode, maybe you would like a couple of spins on the pokies at Spin Palace Casino.

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The so-called Land of Oz and Gambling

You can say that it is kind of a national joke the Australian obsession with gambling, but it is no joke that Australians actually gamble a lot! One of the surveys shows that the Aussies spent almost AUS$1000 million gambling online last year which ranks Aussies as the 13th largest online gaming market. This is primarily amounts betted on sports while poker makes up for around one third of the amount. The Australian gambling market is increasing in huge numbers still, and the above mentioned numbers do not even include funds deposited in offshore sportsbooks, casinos and poker and bingo rooms etc.

What is the typically Australian Gambler?

The other report looks a bit more into the demographic overviews of Aussie online gamblers, so I guess you are wondering how you fit into these categories, if you are an addicted Australian gambler. Well, actually 95% of the Aussie gambler are male. A male overweight is not surprising, but this number is very distinctive. Two thirds are living together with a partner and have a full time job, and three quarters of them have placed a bet at an online sportsbook or casino. They typically have a higher income than the average Australian. Finally you can say that Australian gambling often happens in the afternoon. The studies did not show specific problem gambler areas, but if you want to know more there are also valuable info about this subject in the above mentioned report. 

Well, we can recommend that you read these reports if you want to know more about the Australian gambling market. If you just want to try your luck at an online casino that is perfect for players from down under, we recommend that you try out Spin Palace and take advantage of their fantastic AU$1000 welcome bonus.

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