Casino Vip Online goes live

Casino Vip Online is now available on the internet, delivering all the latest casino news straight into your face.

But why should you care?

We'll be providing you with the latest promotions, offers, games and gossip from the online casino gaming world. Not only that but we won't be spoon feeding you promotions to get you to a casino as quick as possible - we'll be reviewing each casino objectively and independently. If we think they're offering good deals, treating their players well then we'll tell you. And if they're lacking in the back end department, their software has more bugs than the outback or they're just plain ripping people off then we'll tell you that too.

Ultimately we'll only be advertising casino's that treat their players with respect. If you feel like you've been mistreated by a casino - feel free to contact us, we'll always be around to help, and always maintain a relationship with the casino's we advertise. If they mistreat one of our visitors, we'll make sure they hear about it.

Moving forward then

Our aim here at Casino Vip Online is to create more than a portal with a few casino logo's and some shiny dollar signs to click on. We hope to provide an online community where you, the user can not only see what the latest casino's are offering and where your ozzie buck is going to go the furthest - but also share your experience with us so that other users can be better informed when they in turn go to wager their hard earned cash for the chance of winning the big bucks.

Anything else?

What, I'm boring you? No that's it - go on. Go win some money. Or feel free to stick around here to brush up on your casino gaming strategies, check out the latest promotions, or educate yourself about games that nobody really knows how to play. Like Baccarat.

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