An Introduction to WebMoney

There are a number of online payment systems in operation globally today. One such system that is quite user-friendly and therefore popular among users is the WebMoney Transfer Online Payment System, popularly known as WebMoney. This system not only allows you to make payments and receive funds online, it also provides a suite of tools for you to conduct your business online, all in a completely secure online environment.

WebMoney is owned by WebMoney Transfer Ltd., and was set up over a decade ago, in 1998. WebMoney Transfer Ltd. is a legal corporate entity, so all activities done using WebMoney are above-board and clean. The software for this online payment system is robust and designed and developed by JSC Computing Forces.

WebMoney’s reliability and popularity are apparent when you take a look at some of the statistics associated with the site. There are more than 3.7 million WebMoney users currently and the system has executed billions of dollars worth of transactions in the years it has been around.

Using WebMoney

To use WebMoney, you need to first register with them and open an account. You can open an account by filling out the relevant information in the form provided and also doing a basic level verification through e-mail. Once you have opened an account, you can undergo further levels of verification by sending an SMS from your cell phone. By verifying yourself further, you gain access to more features and facilities than an unverified member. You can check the system’s website for the different advantages that being a verified member entails.

There are a number of different activities you can perform using WebMoney. The following are some of them:

  • Transacting money instantly in a completely secure environment
  • Accepting payments for goods sold and services rendered online
  • Disbursing and applying individual as well as corporate loans
  • Conducting mass payments
  • Issuing checks
  • Computerizing your corporate budget control
  • Develop and also launch a promotional campaign supporting WebMoney

From this, it becomes apparent that WebMoney is not just about transferring money to buy and sell online. As you use WebMoney, you accumulate points, positive or negative, depending on a number of factors:

  • Level of activity
  • Transaction volumes
  • Feedback from users (positive or negative)
  • Number of active correspondents

Also, WebMoney supports a number of different e-currencies, and each such currency has a dedicated e-wallet. The currencies supported include Russian Roubles, American Dollars, Euros, Belorussian Roubles, the Uzbek Sum, and others.

WebMoney –Depositing/Withdrawing Funds

Once you have a WebMoney account, you need to have funds in it if you are looking to make payments or transfer money to other people/accounts. So how do you fund your WebMoney account? There are a number of options available. For starters, you can use the WebMoney prepaid card to fund your account. This card is available for sale in most Russian cities and also in CIS cities. The other options available for you to add funds into your account include:

  • UKash
  • Postal money orders
  • Buying WM units from an authorized dealer near you
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Bank wire

Withdrawing money from your WebMoney account is simple and easy to do. There are multiple options available when it comes to withdrawing money from your WebMoney account. You can encash your money at a verified exchange agency that recognizes this system as a legitimate and valid money transfer method. Another option is to convert your cash into Russian Roubles and then use a postal money order. You also have the option of converting the funds into any other currency of your choice that WebMoney supports. Apart from these methods, you can either send the money to your debit card or do a money transfer.

WebMoney Tools

There are multiple tools available to you when you register an account with WebMoney and become a legitimate member of this system. All these tools are available free and help you to work easily within the system as you go about your task of sending or collecting money.

There are three applications within WebMoney primarily:

  • WM Keeper Classic
  • WM Keeper Light
  • Keeper Mobile

The WM Keeper Classic application is the standard version of the WebMoney application and is a standalone application that you can download to your computer. If you are looking for an application that you can launch directly from a browser, thereby taking away the need to download to your computer, then WM Keeper Light is just the thing for you. And finally, if you are looking for an application that you can download to your cell phone, there is the Keeper Mobile, a Java-based application that not only has an integrated voice menu, but also a Java midlet.

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