An Introduction to MoneyBookers

Another reputed international online payment system that is quite popular among users is MoneyBookers. It is not just an online payment system but also an electronic money issuer, which means you can withdraw money sent to you through this system and also deposit or transfer money through it. The site is available in multiple languages apart from English – German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and Czechoslovakian.

MoneyBookers is incorporated in UK under the laws of England and Wales. The company is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the UK. It is also totally compliant with the E-Commerce Directive Regulations and the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations of the European Union. It also has stringent policies and methods in place to prevent users from using it for illegal activities like money laundering.

MoneyBookers is available to users from the US, except if they intend to use it to make payments for activities related to gambling, sports betting, casinos, and poker rooms. Customer support is great at MoneyBookers. A dedicated and professional team is available 24x7 to respond to your queries and resolve any issues you may have relating to the site. You can get in touch with a member of this team through telephone, fax, and e-mail.

Security is a non-issue at MoneyBookers. All transactions are completely secure thanks to the use of security technology like SSL encryption and firewalls.

MoneyBookers – Depositing/Withdrawing Money

To deposit money into your MoneyBookers account you can use your credit card, debit card, local bank transfer, international bank transfer, and more. You cannot make cash deposits or third party deposits into your MoneyBookers account, however.

To withdraw money from your MoneyBookers account, you can use the bank transfer option, checks, etc. There may be a limit to the amount you can withdraw depending on the status of your account. There is no minimal withdrawal limit at MoneyBookers; however, the account must have enough money to take care of the fee associated with withdrawing money.

MoneyBookers Services

You can use MoneyBookers for a range of financial activities. These include sending money, shopping online, withdrawing money, and more. Using MoneyBookers is very simple. All you need is an e-mail id, and use this e-mail id to register an account with MoneyBookers. Once you have an account with MoneyBookers, you have to ensure that this account has money in it to be able to start transacting.

Sending Money Using MoneyBookers

To send money using your MoneyBookers account, ensure first that your account has money in it. All you need to do is click on the Send Money tab on the home page and follow the instructions given.

Your account may, however, have a limit to the amount that you can send, depending on whether your account is verified or unverified. If your account is a verified one, there is no limit to the amount you can send, while an unverified account has limits set on the amount you can send. You can increase your sending limit by getting your account verified.

Sending money through MoneyBookers is instantaneous. However, if the receiver does not have a MoneyBookers account, he will have to first sign in to MoneyBookers. There is a 1% transfer fee for each transaction. However, this rate may also vary depending on your account status.

Receiving Money Using MoneyBookers

To receive money using MoneyBookers, you first need to have a MoneyBookers account. Then, all you need to do is provide your account id, which is usually the e-mail id you have used to register the account. One cool feature is that the sender does not need to have a MoneyBookers account to send money to you. There is no fee associated with requesting for and receiving money through MoneyBookers.

Benefits of Using MoneyBookers

There are a number of benefits that MoneyBookers provides users with, especially when you compare it with some of the other money transfer methods available. MoneyBookers is extremely fast and transactions happen in real time. This method is also cost-effective, involving just a minimum transfer fee of 1% and a maximum of €0.50. Opening an account is also relatively hassle-free, requiring just an e-mail id and basic details like your name and postal address. You can use this method to shop online and it is a completely secure method.

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