An Introduction to NETeller

One of the most preferred alternative payment methods at online casinos, NETeller UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEOVIA FinancialTM Plc., whose other trademarked properties include NETBanx® and Net+TM. It was started in 1999 and is the fastest and safest option when it comes to depositing money into your online casino account.

Annually, NETeller processes transactions to the tune of billions of dollars globally. Its users include individual consumers, businesses, and also industries and it has a presence in over 160 countries across the world.

NETeller is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK. This payment network provides the best in terms of security measures and also has stringent protocols in place to prevent users from abusing it and using it for illegal activities like money laundering. NETeller does not work in the US, though.

NETeller offers excellent customer support 24x7 through live chat, telephone, and also e-mail. There is also an extensive FAQ section that you can check before opting to call customer support. All transactions are carried out in a completely secure environment thanks to the use of advanced security technology like firewalls, SSL data encryption, secure data centers, and more.

NETeller Services

One of the safest and friendliest ways of depositing money into your casino account is using NETeller. You need to register and open an account with them. This account is a secure account that only you have access to, unless of course you authorize another person to access and use it.

Once you have an account with NETeller, there are a lot of things you can do. You can deposit money into your account instantly and also withdraw from it. You can also transfer money from your account to another account using NETeller. All of this is done in a completely secure environment.

There are two types of cards available for you to withdraw/deposit/transfer money at your NETeller account – the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® and the Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard®. Both these cards are completely safe and are award-winning cards, having won the Best Gaming Prepaid Card award at the February 2010 Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards and the Best New Prepaid Card Product Launch award at the 2009 Card and Payment Europe event.

Once you register an account with NETeller, you can also check your transaction history and cash balance. Besides, the application comes with a range of other features, such as a widget that enable you to check out information about select activities and events.

Withdrawing Money from Your NETeller Account

To withdraw money from your NETeller account, you can use a Net+ Prepaid Card to move your money out of the account by any of the following methods:

  • MasterCard®
  • Bank transfer
  • Member wire
  • Check

The Net+ cards are free and allow you to withdraw money in the quickest time possible.

Here are a couple of things you should know before you start using NETeller. All transactions in currencies other than your NETeller account will entail application of a foreign exchange fee. This fee is 2.5% of the transaction amount for a NETeller account holder and 2.95% if you are using a Net+ card. Also, if your NETeller account is dormant for a period of 14 months or more, you will be charged an Inactive Administrative Fee of up to $30.

Depositing Money into Your NETeller Account

There are a number of options available when it comes to deposit money into your NETeller account. To ensure that the money is deposited instantly into your NETeller account, you can use your credit card or debit card. However, depositing through your credit or debit card involves a 1.75% fee.

Using any of the other deposit methods available will involve a clearing period involved, but there is no fee for these methods. The other deposit methods available are local bank deposit, international bank transfer, and instant bank deposit. The last method mentioned also involves a fee, but there is no fixed percentage; it varies depending on the country you reside in.

All deposits not in the currency of your NETeller account involve a 2.5% foreign exchange fee along with the daily interbank market rate. Also, not depositing any money into your NETeller account for 14 months or more will invite application of an Inactive Administrative Fee of up to $30.

NETeller Rewards

Signing up an account with NETeller also entitles you to a number of rewards. These include a referral bonus of 20% up to $16, the opportunity to get free promotional material and prizes, a cool loyalty program that gives you the chance to earn NETPoints, and a superb VIP program for loyal customers that gives them access to exclusive benefits, and also a number of cool deals and offers.

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