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An Introduction to Online Casino Payments Using Credit Card

One online transaction method that you will find commonly at almost all online casinos is credit cards. Check the Banking link of any online casino and the chances are that under the deposit section you will find credit cards listed as a transaction method. This is because credit cards have been the preferred choice for making payments online ever since the concept of online payment became popular.

When the gambling industry first went online, paying with a credit card was the easiest and most convenient option. Though there were concerns about the safety aspect, credit cards were still immensely popular because of the ease of use and speed at which the transactions were completed.

Paying with a credit card at online casinos has, however, in recent years become a controversial issue. This is especially true for players in the United States. There are a number of reasons for this, which we will discuss later in this article. For starters, let us take a look at how to make a payment at an online casino using a credit card, and then go on to discuss the kind of credit cards that are accepted at online casinos.

Funding an Online Casino Account Using a Credit Card

So how do you deposit money into an online casino account using a credit card? The process is really simple. The first step is to ensure you have not overshot the spending limit prescribed for your card. Then, you establish your credentials as the owner of the card, and get the card registered with the online casino. This usually means providing the casino with some details about your card:, the card number, card type, your name as it appears on the card, and also the date of expiration of the card. Once you have given these basic details, you need to provide some secondary information, like the billing address.

Once you have provided all these details, you are now ready to use the card to deposit money into your online casino account. The remaining few steps are equally simple: mention the amount you wish to deposit in the form you are filling at the online casino, enter some more details from your card for authentication purposes and then give your confirmation for the transaction. The casino then informs you whether the transaction was successful or not. If it wasn’t successful, you may either try using another card or look at some of the alternative payment methods available.

Credit Cards Accepted at Online Casinos

Of all the credit cards accepted at online casinos, the ones most consistently accepted are VISA and MasterCard cards. These are international cards and are widely recognized and accepted, hence the easy acceptance for these cards at online casinos. However, a number of online casinos also appear comfortable accepting local credit cards as well. A good example of this is the UK-based credit card, Solo.

Other than VISA and MasterCard cards, a number of casinos have also started accepting American Express or Amex credit cards. Amex cards usually have higher spending limits and are good to use if you are the kind of player that makes large deposits into your account. The process for using this card is more or less the same as for other credit cards.

Pros and Cons of Using Credit Cards

There are some advantages to using credit cards to fund your online casino account, and there are a few disadvantages as well. One of the main advantages is that today, credit cards are something most of us have, and using one does not involve any extra procedure to get yourself one. Secondly, credit cards are extremely convenient to use because of the speed at which the transactions take place.

There are a few disadvantages as well of using credit cards. For starters, using a credit card means providing your personal details on the Internet. All online casinos uses advanced security technology to ensure your financial and personal details are safe, but there is always the off chance of a security breach and the information falling into the hands of malicious elements.

Another problem with using credit cards is the possibility of your transaction being rejected. The rejections happen because credit cards are more regulated than a number of the other alternative payment methods available. Often, casinos prefer to avoid the strict regulation that a credit card transaction entails and simply reject them. Also, after the UIGEA was passed in the US on October 13, 2006, a number of casinos have stopped processing credit card transactions of players from the US. Actually, a large number of casinos have even stopped accepting US players.

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