Blackjack Alternative: Trente-et-Quarante

Well, pardon my French? Trente-et-Quarante is French and means 30 and 40. So far, so good - but Trente-et-Quarante is also a popular casino game with its origins from France. Trente-et-Quarante is also called Rouge et Noir (Red and Black) and the game is one of the favorites at French and Italian casinos and Monte Carlo, although the game has never really gained a foothold on the American market. The game has also not yet reached the same popularity with Austuralians playing casino.. yet!

Trente-et-Quarante Explained

Like many other casino games Trente-et-Quarante is a game of luck, pure and simple, but where other games based on luck offer only poor chances of winning, Trente-et-Quarante gives the player a very good expected return of 98 percent and actually a little more. In Trente-et-Quarante all bets are even-money bets, which means you will not win big unless you bet high amounts as well. This card game is played against a dealer, who normally uses a six deck shoe, i.e. six card games are used for Trente-et-Quarante. Trente-et-Quarante progresses in the way that the dealer begins with putting down two rows of cards.

The first row is called black (noir in French); the second row is called red (rouge in French). Cards are dealt until each row has a collective card value between 31 and 40. Players can now bet on whether it is black or red that wins the game.

In Trente-et-Quarante all picture cards have the value 10, the Aces - as seen in so many other games - have the value 1. All other cards have their face value. As mentioned the cards are now dealt until each row has a collective card value between 31 and 40. For instance, the dealer deals a 6, a king and a queen, a 4 and then an 8 for a total of 38 for the first (the black/noir) row. Afterwards the dealer turns to the second (the red/rouge) row and deals for example a 10, a king as well, an Ace, a 4 and an 8 for a total of 33 on the second red row. The row with the lower number (closest to 31) wins. Players who have wagered on this series, has won.

Other Trente-et-Quarante Bets

It is possible to make other bets in this exciting, which is for example when one or more players make an even-money bet on whether or not the first card dealt is kept in the same color as the winning line. Betting that the color will differ from the winning row color is called an inverse bet.

Trente-et-Quarante is without debate an entertaining game with good opportunities of bringing home the prizes. To help increase the chances of winning gamblers are almost often encouraged to read info about the game on various internet forums, play lots of free mode games before risking your own money and playing by using a more or less secure or reliable strategy. In Trente-et-Quarante you simply do not need all that! Trente-et-Quarante is easy to learn and ruled by luck alone, so there is little to do to change the course of the game. Combine this with the attractive 98 percent return and you are sure to have a fun night playing Trente-et-Quarante! Could it be your next alternative to playing Blackjack at the online casinos?

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