Blackjack Tournaments and Playing in them

Blackjack tournaments can be a lot of fun, and an exciting change from regular blackjack games.

Basic Differences Between Blackjack and Blackjack Tournaments

The main difference between regular casino blackjack and blackjack tournaments is that players compete against each other, and not against the house. Players are not trying to beat the dealer, but are trying to beat all the other players at the blackjack table.

Players do not use their own bankrolls to play the game, but are all given the same size bankroll when they enter the tournament, which gives everyone an equal start.

Whenever you wish to play in a blackjack tournament, take the time to check out the rules that are specific to the tournament you have chosen, since rules can change from tournament to tournament.

How is the Blackjack Tournament Winner Determined?

Winning in an "Elimination" Format Blackjack tournament

There are usually a large number of blackjack tables to begin with. The winner at each of these tables is the one with the largest amount of money, or chips, at the end of a specific number of hands have been played, or after a specific amount of time has elapsed. In order to move to the next round in a blackjack tournament, you need to keep winning the previous round.

The winners from each round go on to compete with each other for as many rounds as are necessary, until there is one table of finalists left in the game. Sometimes the top two players of each round go on to the next round of the game. These finalists compete against each other for the main prize. All other players are eliminated from the tournament at the end of each round.

This is the more popular form of blackjack tournament that is found, however, some tournaments are played in the non-elimination format.

Winning in an "Non-Elimination" format Blackjack tournament

There are several rounds of blackjack that take place in the non-elimination format tournament. Players compete against each other, in the same way as the elimination format. However, the difference is that players are not eliminated at the end of each round. The winner is the one who has managed to accumulate the most money during the tournament.

This form of blackjack tournament carries less competition between the players, and is therefore somewhat less exciting. Because of this, there are few blackjack tournaments that are run along these lines.

Who Deals in a Blackjack Tournament?

Because there is no dealer, and the players are playing against each other, the players deal the cards in a blackjack tournament. Usually a button is placed in front of the dealer for that round. With every new hand, there is a new dealer. The dealer will go around the table in order, giving every player a chance to deal. The playing and the betting order changes each round according to who the dealer is and where they are sitting.

Blackjack Tournament Prize Pool

Although not true in all blackjack tournament, but true in most of them, the prize pool is usually 100% of the entry fees that the players paid to enter the tournament. Essentially, the casino is hosting the tournament, but they have no advantage or stake in the game. Blackjack tournaments are often used as a marketing tool for land-based casinos.

Online casinos may not offer a 100% prize, but may offer other prizes instead. Land-based casinos usually offer perks when they are not giving 100% of the buy-in money back in prizes.

Blackjack Tournament Freerolls

There are even freeroll blackjack tournaments that are offered at online casinos, in which there is no entry fee, and players are able to join in the tournament for prizes, such as cash, or online casino credit without paying anything.

Online casino freeroll blackjack tournaments often allow players to rebuy. This means that they can buy a new stake in the game if they run out of credits in the middle of play.

Playing in blackjack freerolls is a great way for players to have a shot at winning, and hone their skills at the same time.

Registration for Blackjack Tournaments

Take into account that you may need to register well in advance of a blackjack tournament. Online casinos usually offer two types of blackjack tournaments. One is a scheduled tournament, which has a set date and time at which players will need to be online. For these tournaments, a place must be booked in advance.

Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments will begin when enough players who are online have signed up. There is no set starting time.

Those who do not show up for scheduled tournaments may forfeit their buy-in fee.

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