Bonus Blackjack

The blackjack variation, Blackjack Bonus, is an interesting and fun variation of the well loved and well known game of blackjack. The game itself is played according to similar rules as regular blackjack, although there are some special card combinations that give players great bonuses, which are essentially huge payouts.

Players play a regular game of blackjack with a couple of minor changes that are in the players’ favor, while they also place Bonus Blackjack bets.

Bonuses in Bonus Blackjack

The bonuses that can be won in Bonus Blackjack are based only on the first two cards that the player is dealt.

The best bonus payout is 50 to 1, which is paid out to a hand which is holding an Ace of spades, and a Jack of spades. Next in line for a good payout is an Ace and a Jack that are in any other suit, as long as both of them are in the same suit. The Ace and Jack in a non-spades suit comes with a payout of 25 to 1. The third special bonus payout goes to a player hand that has any other two cards that are in the same suit. The payout for the last of these special bonus payouts is obviously at a lower amount, since this is much more likely to occur. However, winning a payout of 5 to 2 for having two cards in the same suit is a great bonus to get.

Blackjack Bonus is Only on the First Two Cards

Although it is mentioned above, it is important to stress that these special bonus payouts are only offered for the first two cards that each player is dealt. The player then goes on to continue playing their blackjack hand. Obviously, if a player has one of the first two Bonus Blackjack hands, namely the Ace and Jack of spades, or the Ace and Jack of a non-spades suit, then they will have achieved an instant blackjack and will not continue to draw any more cards.

A player that is dealt the more common Blackjack Bonus hand, in which their first two cards are in the same suit, may well wish to draw more cards to complete their blackjack hand. Even if the player loses the hand to the dealer, they will still receive their 5 to 2 bonus on their first two cards. For example, if the player ends on 18 points, and the dealer ends on 19 points, the dealer wins the hand, but the player is still paid out their earlier 5 to 2 bonus.

Players who achieve a blackjack with one of the Blackjack Bonus hands will receive their bonus payout, as well as the payout they would usually have received for getting a blackjack.

Blackjack Bonus is an Optional Bet

Although there is no obligation to place a bet on the “Jackpot” section of the blackjack table, those who are playing Blackjack Bonus might wish to do so, since this is the point of the game. The bonus bet usually comes with a maximum amount, such as $25. Players will also receive a payout on their original bet, which they must make in order to play the hand.

Since the odds of winning one of the blackjack bonus hands, especially the two that are also blackjacks, is very low, players need to carefully consider if they wish to place these bets or not.

Other Bonuses for Blackjack Bonus Players

The game of Blackjack Bonus is played with only two decks of cards. This makes it easier for players to count cards in this game. The dealer also has to hit on a soft 17, which means that there is more chance of the dealer going bust.

The fact that this version of blackjack is played with so few decks, and that the dealer has to hit on soft 17 means that players have a greater chance of winning in the regular part of the game. This means that while it is easier to win in the regular bets, it is more difficult to win in the special Bonus Blackjack rules, but it is certainly worth taking the chance, especially since being dealt two cards of the same suit is not that far out when it comes to looking at the odds.

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