Casino Glossary

Casino Glossary

Playing casino is a lifestyle to some and a great way of passing spare time to others. Others consider gambling as a way of earning money while others make some extra bucks to sweeten life with an extra trip abroad or a fun night out. The reasons for playing at the casino is as diverse as the people playing. Today, visiting a casino is a social thing and is now totally accepted. But if you want to walk the walk, you gotta talk the talk... Maybe it does not go like that, but if you want to play you need to learn the terms that you will definitely encounter when you play at the casino. Some of the terms are used a lot, while others are little more rare.

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English Casino Expressions

Most casinos are foreign and the list is basically built around the original English expressions you will come across when you play. Let us start with the general expressions:

High Roller: A player who plays with high stakes and therefore win or lose big. High rollers are often loved by the casinos because the create a certain careless atmosphere, encouraging other players to bet more than the would have otherwise.

Session: A session at the casino is the time you spend on playing games like blackjack at the casino, be it a night, a couple of hours or more or less.

Bankroll: The amount of money that you have to play with at the casino. The term is generally used in all games at the casinos.

Even Money: A bet where the player - if the round is won - gets the same amount back as he initially wagered.

Face cards: Jacks, queens and kings are picture cards or socalled face cards in a deck

Comps: Comps are the gifts that the casinos give loyal players for returning to their casino again. Usually these accrued comp points can later be exchanged for money, which in turn can be used for gaming at the casino.

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More Game Specific Terms 

More specific to the specific games are these terms:

Flush (Poker): A poker hand consisting of five cards, all same suit.

Full House (Poker): A poker hand consisting of three of a kind and a pair.

Bluff (Poker): Playing upon a weak or worthless hand in order to drive other players out of the round.

Burn Card (Poker): The top card is removed by the dealer from the card game before the community cards on the table.

Hit (Blackjack): To get a new card from the dealer. You can hit several times as long as the total value of your cards are less than 21.

Card Counting (Blackjack): By using card counting the player can try to calculate the probability of what the next card in the deck is. Card counting is considered cheating in most casinos - just so you know!

Jackpot (Slots): The often large prize that the player gets if he has the right combination of symbols.

Progressive jackpot (Slots): A jackpot that grows bigger and bigger when the connected pokies are being played on. A progressive pokie jackpot can be rather enormous. But the odds of winning such a huge jackpot is equally small.

Pay Line (Slots): payline is the line across the slot machine wheels, where the symbols must match each other for you to win.

Loose (Slots): A so-called loose slot machine, is a machine that pays more than other machines. Some machines are rumoured loose even though their payouts equal any other machine.

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