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As competition amongst the various online casinos increases and new online casinos keep opening across the web, each and every casino has to put extra efforts in luring those customers into the shop. Therefore most online casinos offer one or more bonuses to attract the either new players or to keep the existing clientele satisfied. Bonuses like these are for example a match bonus when you sign up to a new casino and deposit money into your account. Another form of bonus is the socalled Refer-a-Friend Bonus.

What Is A Refer-A-Friend Bonus?

Well, obviously the Refer-a-Friend Bonus is a bonus that you get for referring friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances or whoever you are able to refer to a casino. For every one of these persons that sign up and deposit  you will receive an amount from the casino as a token of gratitude for getting new customers to the casino.

In most cases the bonus is a fixed amount per person signing up, although some Refer-a-Friend bonuses differentiate the size of your bonus in accordance with the amount the new customer deposits into the casino. Refer-a-Friend bonuses vary, but it is not unusual if these bonuses are around 25 dollars per person signing up and depositing.

As said, the casino pays you for directing new customers to the casino. Refer-a-Friend bonuses are almost always paid into your casino account. And just as often this bonus is subject to terms and conditions before you are able to withdraw any winnings from your bonus. Be careful to familiarize yourself with any rules applying for this kind of bonus before inviting everyone you know.

Which Casinos Should You Invite Your Friends to?

By referring friends to a casino some might say that you have a moral obligation that the casino actually is just really good - otherwise you should not have referred your close ones to play there. And that do hold some truth to some extent. It is a good advice to only refer your friends to online casinos which you would actually gamble on yourself. But of course you are not responsible for the luck of your friends. Furthermore your friends can have such a different pattern of playing - e.g. betting more hazardous or playing extremely tight - and for that reason it is simply not possible to guarantee your friends will win if joining the casino. Under all circumstances, guaranteed winnings in the world of gambling are rare.

Sharing your experiences from a casino which you find fun and exciting is just as natural as sharing your bad experiences - if you stumble across a bad casino, you would definitely warn your friends not to play there. But if you do like an online casino, why not spread the word to someone who you would want to share a good time with? And since the casinos want to pay you to do their work, why not take advantage of this offer. Refer-a-Friend casino bonuses are a great way to earn extra money - just make sure you do not promote bad casinos.

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