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Don't you just know the type... Those pesky guys gambling away without a care in the world, betting more in every round than you could ever dream of. Or afford for that matter.  Well, of course these guys take their beatings at the tables at times, but they are definitely the ones making the big wins when luck is on their side. Once they win - they win big! These players are called high rollers because of the risks they are taking by betting with relatively large amounts.

The So-Called High Rollers

It is no secret that casinos love the high rollers. At the brick and mortar casinos the high rollers create a fantastic atmosphere of real excitement and attract more gamblers to the tables. At the online casinos the high rollers are popular for one main reason; because of the high bets, the high rollers also sometimes lose big amounts. And what ever the gamblers lose, the online casino wins. Every casino welcomes a high roller because of the potential huge revenue that the high roller can bring to the casino.

High Roller Casino Bonuses

To encourage gamblers to bet more than the safe bets of maybe one or two dollars, a lot of casinos now offer so called high roller bonuses.

To be eligible for a high roller bonus you must deposit a large amount as well. While most match or welcome bonuses offered online are in the range of 100 dollars for depositing 100 dollars, the high roller bonuses are a little different and not necessarily meant for first time deposits.

High roller bonuses normally range from some hundred dollars and has actually been known to exceed thousand dollars. Required deposits to receive a high roller bonus tends to be the double of the casino bonus - or in other words, high roller bonuses are most often a 50 % bonus. In rarer cases the bonus is a 100 % match bonus. 

As well as with the normal match or welcome bonuses, the high roller bonuses are almost always subject to terms and conditions. Usually the deposited amount and the bonus itself needs to be wagered a certain number of times before any withdrawal can be made. The exact number of times is set by the casino offering the promotion in the casino's terms and conditions section. If you are planning to try your luck with these bonuses, it is definitely advisable that you read these before making any deposit.

It takes no genius to figure out, that once you deposit such a big amount to the casino, you risk losing every penny. Playing as a high roller is naturally connected to high stakes, and you must be willing to play the game and accept losing a lot, if you are not in luck.

Playing as a high roller is extremely exciting - and extremely fun! If you are embarking on trying out your gambling skills with serious money, then look out for casinos offering high roller bonuses, as these bonuses will unevitably increase you chances of winning.

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